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Media, Sound and Culture

Media, Sound and Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean

This interdisciplinary collection attends to sonic histories and cultures in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Colomiba, Mexico, Brazil and Cuba by Fernando de Sousa Rocha, Christine Ehrick, Gisela Cramer, Alejandro Madrid, Gonzalo Araoz and Andrew Grant Wood and me. Michele Hilmes contributed a terrific postscript.


“This superb volume brings to light a myriad exciting discoveries: from Brazilian popular music to Bolivian carnival, Alejandra Bronfman and Andrew Grant Wood have assembled a fascinating collection of essays about the intersection of music, sound, radio, and popular culture in Latin America. Never before has Latin America resounded so clearly in a critical anthology.”
—Rubén Gallo, Princeton University

“A fascinating collection of articles on the auditory experience and its history in Latin America. They are remarkably diverse in focus and methodology, but unified by careful attention to the importance of sound, and an open-eared and open-minded willingness to reconsider its dimensions and implications.”
—Bryan McCann, Georgetown University


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