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Upcoming talks:

“Women’s Field Ears: Gendered Listeners in the Americas” September 29, 2016, MOA Seminar on Visual and Material Culture, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

“The Archivist and the Poet: Louise Bennett and the Sound of the Folk” 35th Annual West Indian Literature Conference, October 6-8, Montego Bay, Jamaica

“Glittery: The Entangled Histories of Mica, Media and Labor” Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, November 9-11, Washington DC.

Recent talks:

“The Chiliasm of 1966” for Workshop: “Songs in the Key of 1966” Latin American Studies Association, New York City, May 2016.

Moderator and organizer, “Writing Sound: Lessons, Challenges, Dilemmas” Latin American Studies Association, New York City, May 2016.

“Silent River Runs Deep: Judy Mowatt and the Women of Reggae.” PopCon, Experience Music Project Museum, Seattle, April 2016.

“The Case of the Missing Archive.” Radio Preservation Task Force Conference, Washington, DC, November, 2016.

“The Ontology of Sound” Workshop on Sound, Technology and Auditory Knowledge.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Montreal, March 2015.

“Records of the Sonic Exotic.” American Historical Association Annual Conference, New York City, January 2015.

“What is Broadcasting and Where are the Americas?” Keynote address, Bielefeld University Summer School, Broadcasting the AmericasJuly 2014, Bielefeld, Germany.



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